A (very) simple drum machine built in the major Javascript frameworks

Get to know the major Javascript frameworks with this simple drum machine. Currently in Angular, React, AngularJS and Vue.
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Ember coming soon.


Where does the name DruMVC come from?
It's a hilarious pun on, and homage to, TodoMVC.
What's the point of this?
It was built in the hope that a) it might help other people who are starting with the major JS frameworks and want to see some example code, and b) it will teach me a few things on the way.
Are you open to contributions?
Yes! Go to GitHub and make a pull request.
Will you be adding other frameworks?
Yes! Ember is coming soon.
The code in your Angular/React/Vue repo is a mess!
I'm happy to receive DM's, suggestions, pull requests, refactoring ideas, etc.
How do I contact you?
On Twitter @unlikenesses.


Drum samples from producerspot.com.

Icons from The Noun Project.

Inspired by TodoMVC.